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  ~   Balancing Body Mind Spirit   ~
.  Extraordinarily  Gifted
.  Very  Positive And Insightful
.  Elly's  The Real Deal
.  She Leaves You Feeling Uplifted, Inspired, and Hungry for More of Her Words of Wisdom
.  I've Experienced Other Intuitives, Yet, I keep coming back to her... even across the Miles
.  Brenda Fields, N. C.
"Elly has a true gift of Intuitive Reading. She Introduced me to My Spirit Guides , Validated or Clarified Premonitions I had, and Predicted some things that were Totally New to me. Within Months or over a Years Time Most of the People I met and the events I Experienced unfolded just as she told me they would. Several People who are now Together in Business were told  separately that they would be coming Together to do Healing. Elly did not even know we all knew each other and , at the Time, we had no idea we would come together in this way. She Has Taught me to "Embrace the Opportunities that Lie Before Me!"                  Barbara Wike,  Tranquil Healing, LLC                                  
I want to Thank You for all the Guidance you have given me. There are those that Learn the Gift and there are those [ like yourself ] that are Born with the Gift! You have such a lovely Spirit to help Others on their journey, may you forever be Blessed in the endeavors you Vision. I Listen back to the tapes of our sessions, numerous times and Smile in Awe at how Accurate you are. I wish I could put you in my pocket and be guided thru the day. I consider myself to be an Intuitive Spiritualist however when I first sat  down and listened to you.... you blew me away. For those doubters and naysayers I challenge them to sit with you, your definitely one of the Real Deal. Just when it appears like I am running in place your words of success and fulfillment echo in my mind. It's like you have confirmed the Visions that only the Universe Knows about my Life.                                                                                                          I thank the Creator for your humble obedience and I will continue to drive the  5.5 hours just for you! I now have my own personel "Intuitive Consultant Friend."                                           Until soon with love and light,                                                                                                         Amazin ' Grace                                                            
Comments & Testimonials
We have had the Pleasure of Knowing and Getting Advice from Elly for over Six Years. Whether it is connecting to the " Other Side," Career Change, Health or General Information, we have found her Readings to be Accurate and Timely.        Many of Our Friends whom we have Referred Attest to the same Results.                                                                                                      Jim and Linda Tripp, High Point,  N. C.
Elly has been a Wonderful Friend and Adviser for Our Entire Family, she has been to Our Home on Numerous Occasions to help us with some "Ghost Activity" and also to Bless Our Home. It is by far More Peaceful and we seem to only have Passing and Kind Spirits These Days. She was also  able to Communicate with my Grandfather who Passed 6 Years ago, It was Really Nice to Know that He was around and Watching Over us. He NeverTold us Much in Life that He Loved Us, So it was very Reasuring To Know that he Cared what is going on in My Life. She Hit So Many Things on the Head, Things that I thought I had Dealt with but still needed to work on. It was a Great Help in My Own Personal Journey, to heal and let go of old hurt and resentment.                        She Does things in a Loving and Kind Way and has an Open Heart of Love.    She has Been a Blessing to Me and My Children.                                                                                                                   Brenda Seabolt.  
Seeing Elly  Walker Changed My Life in Such a Positive Way that I am Now on a Spiritual Path to Help Many Others. Her Soft Guidance and Exact Direction has Helped me Many Times Over!!   It is My Belief that she Helped Create a Group, Now Called Tranquil Healing, LLC,  by this Guidance Individually. As a Group,  she also shared this Direction, and now we are on the Path to be Marketed by a Company for the "Highest and Best" Good.
It is Totally an Experience that I Would Suggest for anyone Seeking Knowledge from a Higher Source and is on Target.  I Thank Elly for Helping Me to Keep "My Blue Print" on track for this side!!  I Love Elly as a Friend and as a "Very Accurate Psychic!!                                                                                                       Rita Rice Ledford                                                                                                         Rice Consulting Services.
Elly is Exceptional in her Insights, Perceptions and Intuitive Interpretations of Events to be Discussed with her Clients. I have been a Client of Elly's for Several Years, and have Found her Sessions to be Highly Accurate. One of Elly's Strengths is the Meditation she Conducts Prior to her Session with her Clients. This Allows her to Provide Insight into Areas that her Clients can discuss at length. Elly Tapes her Sessions and mails them to her Clients which Allows them to Reflect at a later date.            Time Spent with Elly in her Sessions are Productive, Informative and Very Reassuring.                                                          ~ Bonita C.