Meet Elly Walker
"Life is a Coat Of Many Colors "
Elly Walker
~   How My Journey Began    ~
My Journey Story .......                                                                                                              My journey is a little different from that of most people. Born in Texas, of an English Mother and an American Father and losing both parent's by the time I was five, made me kind of curious as to where we go after death. I had always felt and sensed things around me as early as five years old, so as I got older these feelings began to get stronger and I was able to see the "Spirit World" easier and began to talk with them. My Father came back to me as a "Spirit Guide" at the age of fifteen. He was with me for several years teaching and guiding me in all sorts of way's, from learning to listen to his guidance and trusting in the "Ways of the Spirit World" to really having fun in realizing that there truly was something more to this "Unseen World" that people were not sure about. 
For me as I travelled on my journey every experience with the "Spirit World" was both amazing and unique. It was so much fun being able to see that "Unseen World" that we know is there but can't really explain, the feeling of hairs on your neck standing on end, or that feeling of "goose bumps."
My Teens & Twenties ......                                                                                                                                                                                                           
By the time I was into my Teens and Twenties things really moved along very quickly. I was "seeing" and really communicating with the "Spirit World," and all the amazing senses and feelings that go with it. Spirit talking to me and helping me understand that there really are spirits who want to communicate from the other side to guide and help us in our everyday life, whether that be our own "Spirit Guides" or simply our "own loved ones" wanting to let us know they are still around us.
My Thirties ......
By the time my Thirties arrived I was not just doing readings for people I was investigating "haunted places," old seventeen century cottages and places where there were strong "paranormal" as well as "supernatural" activity going on. This to me was so interesting and incredible as well as at times to be almost scary, that it made me even more interested in finding out more about these "unearthly phenomenon." Interesting as this was to me, I sooned learned to " expect the unexpected" every time now and not go with any "expectations" around the places being investigated. There were different and very unique happenings in every place and all of which were very different from the last.
My Forties & Fifties ......
My experiences into my Forties and Fifties have all served to add and enrich my understanding of the many different ways that the "Spirit World" can very easily become the "Supernatural" and the "Paranormal World" also, and how they can over lap in many different ways.
Continuing On My Journey ......
I have come a long way on my "Journey" from growing up in England and seeing "Spirit" at the age of five, to using the many gifts I have today and sharing the wonderful insights I have been given. I have done readings and investigations for many people over the years all of which have been different and unique. From investigating haunted places to other "Paranormal" and "Supernatural" phenomena both in England and the United States, from my Readings in the Virgin Islands, Canada, Hamburg and Berlin [thru a third party Interpreter] have all enriched my experiences and understanding of this amazing "Spirit World." My readings and investigations into these phenomena have lead me into different areas in my work, and have let me offer much more help to those people seeking their own unique experiences and explanations.
       ~   Elly   ~
~Just A Thought     ~
There is one thing I have come to realize that no-one Ever teaches us what happens to us after death. I know For certain that there is more out there than we can Imagine, And that "Spirit"and Our "Passed On Loved Ones" Continue to Guide and Watch Over Us as We Continue On "Our Very Own Earth Journey."